We have a delivery!


Christmas came a few weeks late this year for us, but it still came nonetheless. Our brewing equipment was FINALLY delivered on Friday! To say that we had been patiently awaiting this gorgeous shipment of stainless steel is an understatement. It had been sitting in a warehouse in New Orleans, LA teasing us since June. Craft Kettle was the company that we chose to create and construct our 5 BBL brew house. Dave was drawn to them due to their open communication, knowledge of the business, and his soft spot for NOLA after graduating from Tulane.

It’s amazing how many steps are involved with opening up a business: blueprints, applications, permits, inspections. And, each one of these components has its own laundry list of people to talk to, tasks to check off, hoops to jump through, and most unfortunately, time to wait. As Murphy’s Law would have it, we ran into every hiccup imaginable when dealing with our county. It took what felt like a lifetime to get the permit to even begin building out our spaces.

Even once permission was granted, there were still so many things that needed to be done to convert an old car wash (yes, you read that correctly) into a brewery. The transformation included: throwing out old gas station memorabilia, sealing the concrete floor, painting the walls, and getting garage doors installed. And, don’t even get us started on the windows. I am still looking for ideas to clean up all of the excess mineral build up. Holla at yo girl if you know any tricks of the trade.

Regardless, all of that nonsense led us to this moment..


The truck arrived about an hour early, which is always better than being late I guess (that was the forklift’s role). Fortunately for us, we had also hired Gregg Newell of ASAP Crane, Rigging, & Tree Service. While we waited anxiously for the forklift to arrive, Gregg helped us move our glycol chiller into place. This piece of equipment had been delivered over the summer and stuffed into the back storage area of the carwash (now brewhouse) until we could put it to use. When I say stuffed, I mean 1200 lbs of metal forced into the entryway of this space with no means of getting around it. Lucky for us, Gregg had the crane on hand. He quickly showed us with his tact, ability to problem solve, and his light hearted personality that we had hired the right company for this very expensive and risky job.


After what felt like forever, the forklift made its arrival around 10 am. All of the equipment had been previously unstrapped, so Gregg and Dave got to work right away on getting the pieces of our brew house out of the truck. We were paying by the hour for that baby to be there. So as excited as we were to see her arrive, we were more excited to watch her leave. Our two man team worked pretty efficiently but, we finally found our rhythm when a few others showed up to assist in the process. We have definitely been blessed with having some great people in our lives. All in all, the truck was unloaded by noon.


At this point, we had our small fortune sprawled out under the old gas station canopy. The boys worked quickly and efficiently to get every piece moved into its new home, awaiting installation. The end result of our 6 hour day was a cheap bottle of champagne to celebrate and this beauty right here.


Isn’t she lovely? She was definitely worth the wait.