Raising the bar: Part Two

Part two, commence!

Dave and I have been checking out bars religiously since we knew that we were taking on this project. The only bars that we had really, truly noticed prior to all of this were the ones that had some sort of unique characteristic about them. You know, where you look at something at think, “wow, I would have never thought of that!” Now, it’s just commonplace for us to sit down and have a beer and take note of the bar we are sitting at: its structure, size, the materials that were used, every defining characteristic about it.

As mentioned in the last post, we knew that we were going to recycle old pallet wood and re-purpose it for the front of the bar.  That aspect just seemed like a given, because we love the natural look of wood and it would save us a lot in terms of cost. But then there was the bar top, a whole other entity in itself.

We struggled for a long time to figure out what our end result was going to look like. We knew that we wanted a solid concrete top, but aside from that we were really lost. Personally I never thought to consider how far a bar should extend outward, if it should have a rounded or square edge, and what color stain should be used. These factors seemed so minimal in the grand scheme of everything but in reality they will be everything to our business. All of our beers will be served from behind this bar and many of them will rest on top of it. We wanted to have something that would be remembered.

After much deliberation, and even some convincing, here is what we arrived at. We couldn’t be happier.

We were fortunate enough to make it over to the brewery to witness this process (Gotta love public school holidays like President's Day). We arrived just after the first coat of stain had been applied which looked like a mix of gray and a powdery, light blue. Between layers of stain, Sean and his team used a torch to singe away any extraneous fibers. For their final coat, they used a mix of blue and green to create the almost turquoise, acid wash look they achieved in the end. His overall goal was to mimic the colors within our logo.

The wet appearance of the stain was as I like to call it, "an in your face," green. This about scared the pants off of Dave. He was so set on his gray bar top, and we (Myself, Sean, Laura, and Carmine) had all pushed him to back our decision of adding in some color. Lucky for him all the bar top really needed was some time to dry and mellow out.

This beautiful project was finished with all of that pallet wood that you saw us salvage in Raising the bar: Part One. This was truly Dave's undertaking. He spent several days piecing together the puzzle that has come to be our bar front. 


I cannot even put into words how we feel about this project. It is such a relief to know that the focal point of our tap room is done. DONE. We are so looking forward to serving up some great beers to all of you from behind this baby.