Meet our artist: Neveah


From the minute that we began painting our walls, I knew that we would need something special to fill them. It's not that I wasn't completely in love with with the rich blue color of the paint that we had picked out, it was more that the walls felt empty. The imperfections that we were attempting to cover up still felt all too visible. In a perfect world filled with copious amounts of cash, they would have been replaced entirely. However, we did not have that luxury. Dave isn't really one for elaborate displays so a mural or focal point wall really just seemed like we would be trying too hard to hide what we didn't like about the place. Lucky for us our artist, Nev, truly shared our vision and knew exactly what the taproom needed.

For a 17 year old kid, Neveah is about as put together as they come: balancing school, a part time gig with a law firm, and just being a regular teenage girl. I had first heard Nev's name when we originally began talking of the dream of Tidal Brewing Company. It was Calypso back then, and Dave would bring home these sketches from his, "super talented student," insisting that her work be on the walls once we had the space. It was hard not to agree, although I knew next to nothing about her. What I did know was that her drawings seemed so effortless, yet refined and beautiful.  I could tell that she completely understood what we wanted for our business without even having to speak to her.

It was well over a year before I finally had the opportunity to meet this amazing, young artist. I took her to Michael's and we picked up all of the paints and supplies that she would need to assist us in this project. One of the things that really stood out in my mind about this experience was her excitement. She had such a tremendous appreciation for Dave as her teacher and was extremely grateful to simply have the opportunity to showcase her hobby,

From the second that she began painting the jellyfish on the wall, I knew that she had something really special. It was easy for us to trust her instincts because she displayed such a clear understanding of her space and the color scheme. I watched as she free-handed each of her paintings only having studied an image from her cell phone. With every visit she made to the brewery amidst everything else, our tap room began coming to life with all of her visions.

I have to say, in all of the steps that it took to build this company, hiring Nev was easily the most rewarding for the two of us. It is so important to us as educators to give back to our students and to give credit where credit is due. I am beyond honored and humbled to have her artwork on our walls for all to see and to showcase all of the talents that may lie hidden within the young adults that we have the pleasure of not only teaching, but getting to know as people.

David Peitzman