One Year Anniversary!


We celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being open the first weekend in May. In my usual fashion, I am posting months after the fact but better late than never right? I really have no idea where that year went, but it was one of the best of my life. There was a lot of planning that went into this weekend, as with many of our events. We asked Roots Creative Company & Primary Paints to craft us up a one of a kind design for our limited-edition merchandise. The end result was a hand-drawn King Neptune drinking a beer amidst all things marine. So badass. We also collaborated with our friends, Beer Pressure of the Nature Coast, to offer some homebrew demonstrations for National Big Brew Day. Most importantly, we saw the anniversary as an opportunity to try out some new things and we were not disappointed with the outcome.

We had been talking about canning for months and just hadn’t had the opportunity to get our acts together. But, there’s nothing like a big day to really light a fire under one’s ass. We saw the celebration as the perfect time to roll out a new cooler filled with Tidal to-go beer. We had already planned to do several releases for that weekend and thought that they would also be perfect to sell in our brand new cans. 

It’s Clean, It’s Aight is a traditional Helles Bock named in honor of our good friend, Tony. This seemed only fitting to release for the anniversary because it is a traditional German-style that is always put out in May. It’s a crisp, higher ABV lager that is like the name says, clean.

Buffalo Nose is a Belgian Blonde. We’re still not sure if a “buffalo nose” is a real descriptor for a person - our bartender, Ryan, who is Belgian insists that it is - either way, we enjoyed listening to him tell us his stories surrounding the terminology.

Rufunky (shout out to my heart and soul, my baby boys) is a farmhouse ale. This style lends itself to its slightly sour taste from the addition of Brettanomyces yeast, which gives it a little funkiness.

Last, but certainly not least, we created a Mexican hot chocolate inspired Porter named Cinco de Tidal. When we originally began talks of our anniversary and what it would entail our staff insisted that we create a beer in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, which is the actual date that we opened our doors to the public. We based the recipe off our very popular Imperial Horchata Porter but added in plenty of cocoa nibs and a hint of cayenne.

It took 2 Saturday mornings, 10 hours, lots of Panera Bread, and plenty of help from our staff to get these babies ready to roll. And, after seeing how successful they were, we plan to do can releases as often as we possibly can. Anything to keep people excited about beer!

We also decided that the anniversary weekend would be a great time to try out some live music in the taproom. We had been hesitant to try out a band prior to this for reasons like the fear of our acoustics being awful or the competition with all of the other local businesses on a Friday or Saturday night. As I have said so many times before, we love the laid-back, relaxed vibe of our place and don’t want to compromise that for anything. We asked our bartender, Troy’s, band “The Hops” to play for the anniversary. They are a really great group of dudes who cover all sorts of music and have a good following in the community. We were ecstatic to see all of the people who made it out to watch them play and drink our beer. It was truly a blast. With all of the feedback that we got after the event, we have begun treating our guests to some live music a couple of times a month to keep it interesting.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much Tidal would grow from its first days until now. To be honest, we didn’t really truly see how far we had come until the anniversary. We wanted the weekend to be something people looked forward to and talked about after the fact, and in those ways, it was beyond successful. We had the support of our community and then some and that means more to us than many of you will ever know. Here’s to many more years of Tidal Brewing anniversaries and all of the wonderful things they bring!

Allisa Babor